Movavi Video Converter Review

Movavi Video Converter Review

Switching videos from one format to another can be complicated for a variety of reasons. To begin with, understanding the different types of video formats and settings that are out there (and figuring out which one to use) can be tough, and on top of that most video converters are technical in nature – making it even more challenging still.

Considering it is normally so complicated to convert videos, the Movavi Video Converter ( stands out like a breath of fresh air due to its simplicity and the fact that it is so straightforward. Even if you’re using it for the first time you’ll be able to quickly come to grips with how to switch videos from one format to another, especially seeing as all you need to do is add the video, choose a format, and click ‘Convert’.

To make converting videos even more user-friendly, the Movavi Video Converter also comes with hundreds of presets that will automatically use the best video format and settings for the device or platform that you select. The presets that it includes encompass an extensive array of options – including mobile devices and online video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. In short, even if you don’t know a thing about video formats or settings, you can convert and optimize your videos.

Just to add icing to the cake, the Movavi Video Converter also has tons of other useful features. Because it is able to convert audio and image files, it can actually act as an ‘all in one’ media converter, and it is also able to edit and enhance videos, cut and combine video segments, create animated GIFs from video clips, extract audio from video files, grab ‘stills’ directly from video frames, insert customizable text, and even crop or rotate videos.

Regardless of whether you need a video converter for professional or personal purposes, the Movavi Video Converter is more than capable of fulfilling that role. It is certainly an accomplished and powerful video converter, and the other features that come with it give it an even greater range of capabilities – most of which will prove useful at some juncture or other, especially nowadays.

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