What You Need to Look For When Choosing a New ISP

Nowadays, our general happiness and interior peace are directly influenced by our Internet speed. Have you ever tried watching YouTube on a slow connection? It’s extremely frustrating!

If your connection is slow, maybe it’s time to leave your current provider and start the search for a new one. It’s better to leave your comfort zone for a while and learn some technical stuff than be submitted to such levels of stress every single day. Yes, we know that choosing a new Internet Service Provider can be a difficult task. The offer is wide and the market is saturated, but the services are mostly the same: internet, TV, and phone. The advantage is usually given on the price (if you want a bigger package), quality of services and speed.

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The most difficult part in choosing a new ISP is making sure you understand the offer completely. Providers use a series of technical terms that may make the difference between high-quality and medium service. This is why we put together a short list with some of the most wanted features for a great ISP. Next time, you’ll know what to look for.

Types of services on the market

Knowing the type of service you are offered is important to make sure the price is fair. Of course, if you use two or three services from the same provider (Internet + TV + phone) you will get the Internet bundle pricing. However, the price is directly influenced by the type, so it’s best to learn the basic services available right now:

  • DSL or Digital Subscriber Line – this service is delivered through a telephone line and it is based on distance. If you are close to the provider the speed is quite good (up to 100 Mbps) but the speed slows down as you are further away.
  • Cable Internet – delivered via cable service. The speed with cable internet is better than with DSL (over 100 Mbps) but you are sharing the service with the entire neighborhood. This means that during busy times, your speed will slow down.
  • Satellite internet – delivered via satellite service. You won’t have speed problems during busy times but you shouldn’t expect lightning speeds either.
  • Fiber-optic internet – this service is the best broadband Internet you could get as the speed gets up to 500 Mbps and the connection is stable. Even better, the price is in the range of DSL internet which is very affordable.

Other important features

Now that you know the type of Internet services out there, let’s see what else matters:

  • Uptime – a fantastic service will be useful if it only works on paper. You need your connection to be active at all times so make sure the provider is capable of delivering this.
  • Download speed – everything you do online from opening a web page and up to streaming a video is downloading. This is why the download speed is one of the most important aspects.
  • Port blocking – ISPs always try to optimize their network in order to provide better, faster services. For this, they practice port blocking allowing only certain information to pass. Make sure you know the type of web content your ISP likes to block so you won’t have surprises later on the way.
  • Technical support – things do break down at a certain point so you must have access to capable technical support. Make sure the support team is professional and ready to help.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for a new ISP, but it is also worth it to learn more about this. Information is power in our world and, if you want to receive a high-quality service for your money, you have to learn.

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