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Google Views on QA and Engineering Productivity

Google, like most software companies, started small and its development staff were involved in both building and testing code. But as with any growing company, more specialised roles soon started to appear in order to eliminate bottlenecks and to ensure quality in the development process. Image Credit Automated Testing Due to its fast growth, Google […]

Encrypted Forms Of Communication: Can We Trust Them?

Practically everyone is connected to some form of social media or online activity, leading us to become vulnerable to identity theft and data compromise. If we aren’t conscientious enough to watch out for our online privacy, we may find ourselves the next victims of online threats. Fortunately for us, there are many ways to secure […]

Finding Los Angeles SEO Service

What los angeles seo service can contribute to your business? There is much benefit when you combine your business use seo marketing. The main benefit by using seo is creating traffic increases in your digital online marketing and here are some that you are look for with seo. The first thing before you search for […]

What is Lead Tracking Software?

Technology is developing and it is best these days to keep yourself updated with it. It is the need of the time and one need to have it in order to maintain a standard, especially in businesses. There are different types of technologies you can find along with a number of tracking software. As the […]

Managed IT services in California

Businesses require a wide range of services which need proper attention. The it department of an organization is the key role player these days and that is why people are more focused on its development and organization. This is where the managed it service provider comes in the light. They are trained organizations and personals […]