Because Every Pixel Counts

alwan color expertise

Color management is crucial yet very challenging for every designer as well as printing company. Every designer knows that every color counts. It must be able to deliver the right message to create a strong visual communication campaign. But it is also a fact that the color on the design and the color on the printing result can be slightly or even significantly different. It is possible because the color quality of the display monitor used for the design work and the color setting in the printer device have different calibration.

This is a big issue for those working on visual design or visual communication including graphic designers and photographers. Ensuring the color quality on the end product the same as the design concept or the photo concept can be very hard to achieve. It requires accurate color management solutions on both side, on the designer’s or photographer’s workstation and on the printing companies. With the right and reliable color monitor calibration service, it ensures precision color management minimizing turnaround and leading to better efficiency. It takes two to tango and it color calibration and management, it requires both the right calibration software and also precise color management monitors.

International Distribution Network SAL (IDN SAL) offers complete solution for this issue. This company is Middle East’s leading distributor or imaging and publishing solutions. It has complete products for companies and individual customers. For color management software, it has the impressive alwan color expertise solutions. This package comes with several types of software including ColorHub for color calibration, Printing Standardizer, and Printing Verifier. It is one stop solution for high precision color printing with high definition. IDN SAL is also the best place to buy EIZO monitor. Leading brand with top reputation for high performance color management monitors and multi monitors setup solutions. When every pixel counts, you know you need the best one.

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