Unleash the power of Wi-Fi marketing:

Wi-Fi is a very common but essential thing and on offer to customers by many small to big enterprises especially in malls, departmental stores, restaurants and bars etc. Wi-Fi service is extended to customer mainly as a facility mostly for free to attract them. Have you ever thought about making your free Wi-Fi service on offer to be the most powerful marketing asset for your enterprise? Has it ever crossed your mind that this facility can help you immensely increasing the customer footfall in your store and may help in creating a loyal customer base? By adopting a smart way called social wifi analytics you can certainly make it happen. Let us see how?

Unleash the power of Wi-Fi marketingThis is a cloud base system that overlays the existing Wi-Fi hardware and internet facilities. The system collects real time data from the users currently using the Wi-Fi in your premises. The analytic system provides real time customer demographic information and reporting using the social media associations of the users. You get large customer information and analytics in no time which can help you in taking some super dynamic business decision based on that.

This service helps you to collect email Id, cell phone numbers, social media info etc, of the customers and it automatically supplied to your customer database. This helps you to increase your email and SMS marketing efficiency by more than ten times. This load of information helps the enterprise to classify, identify the customers so that you can make targeted campaigns, need based promotions and can have campaign for customers of a particular geography too.

Both small and large business can enlarge their base of loyal customers by offering customized deals to them based on the results obtained from the Wi-Fi analytics. This faster and wider frame of marketing helps the neighbourhood store to compete with the online traders using the power of social media.

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