£11m food technology funding to drive industry innovation

The UK government has provided £11m in funding to over 30 leading food and catering solution companies and projects, encompassing a range of functions relating to manufacturing and processing. These funds, when combined with investment from the recipient companies, bring the total value to more than £25m.

£11m food technology funding to drive industry innovation

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Provided by the Technology Strategy Board – otherwise known as Innovate UK – the £11m in grant funding will be a boon for a great number of individuals and companies, with many confident that this cash injection could be the catalyst for serious innovation and refinement within the related industries.

Practical innovation

Taking into account the aims of the grant and feedback from politicians and people speaking on behalf of the recipient companies, there are a number of identified aspects of commercially-focused food processing and production that will benefit from this funding. Some of the most notable are product wastage and spoilage, the efficiency of production, and the efficiency of heating and cooling solutions.

Other vital aspects of the industries predicted to benefit greatly from the aforementioned investment include transportation, distribution and logistics. Among the projects proposed as a result of this funding are a number of collaborative initiatives designed to tackle such problems, both from an economic standpoint and with an eye to reducing environmental impacts.

Greater standards

Investors and the government are confident that the possible positive outcomes of this investment in food technology represent a win-win scenario for a number of reasons.

With this increased funding will come improved standards, in terms of both operational procedure and the level of equipment available. This is bound to affect individuals and companies looking to buy food machinery, either as an initial investment or for refitting and updating their existing equipment.

It is worth noting that firms utilising secondhand tech or those looking to buy used food machinery for sale at Clarke Fussells and other known food machinery solutions companies will see a dramatic change in the quality and efficiency of the available products in the space of just a few years.

In addition to increasing profits, or minimising losses, many firmly believe that the economic growth that will ensue as a result of this type of project can have a net reduction on environmental impacts while still being profitable.

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