Adding Instagram Feed to WooCommerce Sites

If you urgently need to add Instagram feed to the websites with WooCommerce templates, you may need a special tool for this. For example, use the innovative plugin called Instagram Journal that allows Instagram users to add their feeds to WooCommerce themes.

Adding Instagram Feed to WooCommerce Sites

How can you apply Instagram Journal at WooCommerce templates?

Instagram Journal is a WordPress plugin that displays the different ways people are photos of the same name by the network on your website. Now you can create effortless galleries and complex codes. You can even use plug-competitive mode to keep the interest of users, involving them in the photo contests community. Let’s find out what else can offer this plugin.

The features of Instagram:

  • Feed of Instagram is the reason that you need this plugin. You will be able to show a lot of different bands, from the most popular to the most recent image and image tags;
  • Gallery modes – you can display images in different ways, for example, in a grid or carousel;
  • Adjustable parameters of this plugin allow you to configure a large number of possible options for each gallery;
  • Competitive mode – using this mode, you can arrange your own Instagram contest in just a couple of clicks;
  • Free theme – this plugin comes with a free choice of topic on which you can install if Instagram plays an important role in the marketing strategy of your brand;
  • Classic display – this mode creates a unique grid of your images, which looks great on all devices;
  • Collage Carousel View – this view mode includes your photos into collages and displays in a carousel slider with nice transition effects that will look cool with any WooCommerce template;
  • Section Carousel View – this view will give you a more formal look to your gallery. This is a great solution for a business WordPress template;
  • Large Carousel View – this view mode is represented by a large, functional slider – carousel, which shows details of the photos at the opening;
  • Infinity View – this view mode has a beautiful, sexy slider that displays your photos in full screen and enhances them with the cursor;
  • Control the number of photos – following many requests has been added a way to limit the number of photos uploaded via API;
  • Adaptive HD video – download all your favorite Instagram videos and share them with the world. Each video player supports full-screen mode on any device with any 8Theme’s WooCommerce themes;
  • Fully customizable slider and carousel – this plugin you can control the animation, transition effects, speed, and smooth scrolling.

The ease of plugin’s installation will depend on your experience of using WordPress. If you can use an FTP client, it will not be difficult to you. All you have to do is extract the files from the archive ZIP, which you get from CodeCanyon, open your WordPress plugins and download instagram-journal folder in the plugins directory of your website with a WooCommerce theme.

If you previously loaded plugins only through the WordPress admin panel, then before you install this plugin, you will have to learn how to access the files on your FTP site and how to use FTP client. Unfortunately, the instructions are not specified how to do it, but if you learn this, you can then set different premium plugins.

Connect your Instagram account to WooCommerce themes

After activating the plugin to get started you will need to click on Instagram Journal button on the left side of WordPress menu, find the section Basic Settings, enter your access key in the field and click Save Changes.

With this useful feature you will be able to arrange your own photo-contests on websites with WooCommerce themes. To do this, you need to come up with hashtag and contestants upload images with this hashtag. The instructions perfectly describes what each option and a moderate record.

As mentioned earlier, you can post photos in writing or on the page of your website with a WooCommerce theme. If you have any questions left you can visit the forum of 8Theme or send a request with a certain question to our Support Group.

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