Cheapest Mobile Phone in India

Mobiles phone are now the basic necessity of everyone now. The market is now ruled by smart phone but on the contrary there is also one more market of cheapest mobile phone in India.

This market of cheapest mobile phone in India targets the people who need a mobile for their daily use but can’t afford the big fishes. So the companies mainly the local ones are exploring this market.

There are several mobile phones in the market under the range of Rs. 1500 which is I think really cheap. I too use one of the cheapest mobile phone Nokia 1280.

These phones have nothing in it but just call and message facility which is the only and sole purpose of buyer and of course the mobile phone.

Though, some of the companies are providing the FM, Bluetooth and MP3 like features in them but what do expect in terms of quality form a Rs. 1000 phone.

Here below are some of the companies who have big share in market of cheapest mobile phone in India.

#1 Nokia

Nokia has been in every part of the Indian phone market weather it is cheap or the smart phones. It has some good quality cheap which are reliable too and I’m telling you this from my personal experience.

Nokia 1XXX series is usually known as cheap series and people prefer this because of their trust in Nokia. As Nokia was first to make place in people’s heart it still has faith of them.

#2 Samsung

Samsung has been the opponent of the Nokia since its launch in the market. Samsung provides some of the best smart phones of the market but as the people who want to buy them are very few so it also concentrates on providing the cheapest mobile phone in India.      

Samsung Guru Series is very well known under this niche and they have only thing different from Nokia which is MP3 player. Though, the sound quality is not so good but still it can entertain me.

#3 Videocon

Television market doesn’t require any kind of introduction about this company. Though, it is new in the mobile phone market but still has impact on the market of cheapest mobile phone in India.

Videocon provides the CDMA version of mobile phones and has its own group of people who like its services.

#4 Spice

Spice is a very well known phone maker in India. It provide phone between the range of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500 in cheap category. From my personal experience I want to tell you that I don’t like Spice because of its annoying voice and not so good software.

I only prefer to buy Spice in case I can’t have Nokia. So whenever you go to purchase a cheap mobile do consider Nokia seriously.

There a lot of other brands also like Rage, Karbonn, Wyncomm and countless others. So you’ll be having a lot of options but make sure you get the value for your money no matter you are paying Rs. 1000 or Rs. 10000.

If you’re looking for cheapest mobile phones in India then here I’m with the list of best cheapest mobile phone brands and their model numbers. You can buy them at less than Rs 4000.

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