Cloud Software That Provides Impregnable Security Solutions

The migration of business processes onto a computerized environment comes with various challenges; security being the most prominent one. When any business entity tries to use digital interface, it has to invest a lot on data security solutions, not only for the smooth functioning but also for winning the faith of the consumers. Looking at the magnanimous needs of computer and data security, has introduced state-of-the-art cloud storage solutions. These solutions are up-to-date, most secured and completely backed-up so that the clients’ businesses never witness a standstill.

Benefits of using cloud managed security by Apps4Rent

Since Apps4Rent has launched various plans with a vision of moving offices out of the cubicles, they have used cloud management for fulfilling various aspects of business functions. They make possible:

  • Secured transfer of information: Virtual desktop hosting offered by Apps4Rent stands for trust and reliability. They have moved windows desktops to more mobile iPads, Blackberry and other smartphones and Android based gadgets with the help of Windows Desktop Hosting without giving any space to leaking of information or infestation of information system by any kind of worms.
  • Better team management: All the team members are just a click away. And, the information stays among them only, literally. So, it is possible to have meeting with the team through phones and tablets without bothering about leaking of data out from the management system. Virtual desktops have provided reliable support to the clients who want their businesses to run, even when they are not present in the office premises.
  • Uninterrupted working: If you dream of office that never sleeps, go for SharePoint Online by Apps4Rent. Using cloud managed security they have been able to improve their cloud application services for better. If you make a comparison of SharePoint 2013 vs 2016, you will find that the latter has got more sophisticated utility features like access and sharing of sensitive content, enhanced storage space, increased database size etc. that all point to one thing i.e. uninterrupted and smooth working of business without bothering about security issues. Moreover, Microsoft supported data centers provide unquestionable security to the data and business information, leaving no space for leakage or illegal information sniffing.
  • Omnipresent tech support: Apps4Rent has 24×7 tech support available that is thoroughly trained with cloud applications. They understand your business requirements thoroughly and can provide you reliable support in maintaining the security aspect of your business. They issue timely alerts and have maintenance checks done on a regular basis so that the best quality network is what you get always.
  • Secured communication: Office 365 solutions by Apps4Rent have improved further and their recent offering Exchange Online has made communications more secured and way easier than before. The users get access to a fully dedicated inbox that is cleared on a regular basis using auto-archive setting.

Not many of us can think of other client rich application other than Outlook. So, they have introduced Outlook-supporting add-on features like third party integration etc. which allow the users to use various other communication utilities, but without going out of the aegis of well-known Outlook. So, convenience and security come wrapped in one package in the form of Exchange Online plans.

  • Uninterrupted access to office: Now the clients have no obligation of staying restricted in their cubicles as they can access their offices from anywhere, at any point of time. All the data and required utilities are allocated virtually to each individual team member and web-based access allows them to conduct meetings in the most secured environment from anywhere. So, get the better hold on office activities without losing on meeting new people and expanding business.

Security from viruses, spammers and threatening malware is guaranteed in cloud security solutions. This is why; more and more businesses are switching to cloud office applications so that they need not face instances of downtime or virus attack and can focus only on chasing the dreams.

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