The Specialities of Hydraulic Press Machines by Strojiimport

Known to be Joint-Stock Company that has long years of experience in machines industry, Strojimport happens to be a commander in providing good quality of machines. All the machine products offered by this company are designed to meet the different needs and preference of clients. There are a number of types of machines provided by this company including drilling machines, grinding machines, shaping machines, pressing machines, and so forth. However, hydraulic press machine becomes the leading product of this company so that it consists of numerous models to suit the needs for various uses.

This machine is often used to carry items or goods with large size and can be used to compress those items as well. Hydraulic system is applied in this machine in order to add power when it is used. The power is produced by the combination of piston and fluid in hydraulic system. Hydraulic press machine is commonly used in many types of manufacture. However, it is quite familiar to be found in car industry and metal production industry. Since each industry might need different type of hydraulic press machine, Strojiimport provides this machine with different specifications with cover machines’s stroke and various types of speed.

Besides hydraulic press machines which becomes the speciality of this company, there is also another product which has good quality that none other comes to shaping machine. There three types of shaping tools which are offered including cutters, benders, and bending rolls. Those machines are most likely used for regular and highly accurate shaping procedures. All the shaping tools produced by this Joint-Stock company come out with solid and stiff design that perfect result. Those machines also can accommodate various materials and various shapes. They can be used to shape steel to metal materials. The machines are also able to work on different kinds of shapes start from circular to flat materials.

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