What You Should Know About Buying Expired Domains for Traffic

New websites are created every day while an almost equivalent number of sites die. When a website dies, this means the owner is no longer interested in operating it and so fails to renew the domain. You can make use of the expired domains to drive more traffic to your website. This post looks at some of the things you need to understand prior to purchasing expired domains.

Buying domain for traffic

There are many options you can use to find and purchase existing expired domains names. Nevertheless, not all expired domains will help you gain more web traffic. Before purchasing expired domains to leverage them to earn you more traffic, there are a couple of checks you have to make.

When buying expired domains for traffic, you should look for the following:

  • Existing link profile. Domains that already have over 50 backlinks coming in offer more leverage than those with fewer backlinks. More links means more credibility hence better ranking on search engines.
  • Already on DMOZ listings. Getting on the DMOZ directory is not easy. Finding a domain that is already on this listing can benefit you significantly in relation to web traffic.
  • Domain aged more than 2 years. Older domains will help with your search engine rankings. Consider domains that are at least two years old.
  • No dashes. If a domain name has a dash, it is easy for people to forget about the dash and end up in a different website or be redirected to an error page. Choose domains that are easy to type and remember.
  • Existing traffic. If a domain has existing traffic, you will benefit tremendously from that traffic.
  • Related niche. Last but not least, the domain has to be related to your niche else the traffic you get will be irrelevant.

Understanding the microsite option

Still on learning how to buy expired domain, it is imperative that you appreciate the importance of microsites. This is a specialized landing page that is tertiary to your website. The microsite only links to the main business.

The best thing about this option is that links that pass through it add more value to your main website and the microsite is also ranked in search. You can also use the microsite to experiment new marketing strategies. All in all, you have to follow the SEO rules else you will risk being penalized.

Website overhaul

After buying an expired domain name, you can use it as your main domain name where you build your main website under it. This option involves taking over the old website and is time consuming. You will benefit the most from this option if the old website had a good reputation, significant traffic and was related to your business.

There are numerous benefits associated with using expired domains to drive traffic to your website. The important thing is to make sure that the domains you are purchasing will not affect your website in a negative way. They should have a good reputation and receive a fair amount of traffic. Do your research first.

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Kenny Price is an SEO and SEM professional. He uses his blog to educate business owners on how to buy expired domain to grow their presence online. You can visit his blog today for more information on how to buy expired domains.

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