Add colours and trust to your Home Page for better conversion

 Add colours and trust to your Home Page for better conversion

When it comes to conversion, you will be surprised to know that the colours play a very important role. There is a whole psychology behind it and the scope of this text does not afford us the opportunity to get into it. But what you should know is that colours engage the part of the brain which is called hypothalamus. The signals are finally transferred to thyroid glands, which results in hormonal release. This release affects our emotion, mood, and eventually our behaviour. So, there is no wonder why the colours you use on your website have a big impact on conversion.

Where to use the colour?

Well, the fact is that every aspect and element of your website should be considered while deciding the colours. Colours are everywhere and there is no way to avoid them. Therefore, whether you are thinking about the colour theme of the website, colour of the logo, colour of the headlines, colour of the sidebar, or colour of just about anything, you will need to do some thinking.

Using the colours for better conversion

Using the right colours could get a little tricky. It is not just about the colours but also about who is visiting your website. The right colours have to be used in the right way. There is also the right time for the colours. Different audiences may react differently to colours. This is also something that you need to keep in mind.

For instance, if you have a website that sells toys for kids, you cannot use the muted, dull colours such as black or grey. The website will need to be vibrant and colourful to match the psyche of the kids.

In the same way, if you are designing a website for some serious business, you will need to choose sedate colours. For example, a lawyer’s website cannot feature outlandish combination of colours such as pink, red, and yellow. Muted and simple colours such as grey, blue, black, and white will be more apt here. If you want to get your website designed in the appropriate colours, you should contact good web designing company like Novage Communications from Singapore.

Some clever colour tips for you

  • If you are designing a website for women, to get better conversion, make sure you do not use colours like brown, orange, or gray. Most of the women prefer colours like purple, blue, and green.
  • Men also don’t seem to like brown colour much. But purple and orange are also not for them. You can get better conversion on your website by choosing the colours men like, such as green, blue, and black.

Adding the trust with colours

The trust factor can have a huge impact on the conversion rate. Blue is the colour which is the most trusted by people of both the genders. Even the top social media site today uses the blue colour prominently. Blue colour is often associated with values like peace, trust, loyalty and order. Blue is also the colour that can elicit the feeling of calm and tranquillity.

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