Learn Different Ways to Obtain More Likes On Instagram

When you are sharing your favorite memories with your family and friends, Instagram can easily become your best friend. When you are posting a huge number of photos, but not getting enough likes, you are required to try out the following methods.

Use hash tags:

Categorize Photos with Keywords: Other Instagram users can easily discover your photos if you have categorized them properly. When you use more and more hash tags, it is more likely that the photos will be shared and viewed more.

Popular Hash tags:  Try using popular hash tags like #Friday, #music, #coffee, #sports and whatever is relevant in your field.

Many Hash tags:  For a single picture, you can use as many hash tags as possible. For example, when you are sharing a picture of cricket match between India and South Africa, you can use #cricket #onedaymatch #India #SouthAfrica. As many hash tags you are using, there is more possibility of gaining the likes.

Trendy:  You must be updated with the latest trends to make your picture popular. You can also go to the communities where the likes can be exchanged. Some of them are #like4like or #likeforlike. Though every user will not revert back with likes, but you can collect pretty much in your own basket.

Right Photos at Right Target:

Combine Several Photos Into One: Using some app like Diptic, you can easily combine several pictures into a single frame. You can combine several photos of the same occasion or trip or can insert similar pictures in a single frame.

Right Photos:  You cannot simply post photos of your lunch or empty beer bottle to gain the Instagram likes.  Try posting good subject with high quality images. Most of the followers can get attracted to this kind of pictures. Never post similar kind of pictures in a single row. Try choosing the best one among the lot for the purpose of display.

Unique Nature:  When you are posting some unusual photos with unique nature, people will love watching them.

Apply Filters:

Use Your Apps: You can use your mobile apps for making the pictures more attractive. Some of the popular picture apps are Pro-HDR, Pixlr-o-matic, and Camera+ etc.

Use Filters: Try using filters for customizing your pictures. X-Proll, Early Bird, Valencia etc are some of the popular filters. These filters can really provide a unique look to your pictures.

Community Minded:

Like To Get Likes: If you want to increase the number of likes, you must start liking the pictures in a random manner.

Search with People with More Following:  You can like the pictures of the people who possess more following instead of more followers. If they can notice your pictures, it is more likely that they will start following you.

Create Links:

You can start linking your Facebook account with the Instagram so that your pictures can be exposed to a wider zone of audience.

Time Conscious:

Never Post on Weekends: The Instagram users may see your pictures on weekends but they will never admit by liking or following them as they will never want to prove that there are not better things to do in their weekends.

Right Time: You may have a collection of wonderful photos but it will go in vain if you post them in the middle of the night. Try posting them in the middle of the day when people want a break from the work or after the time of dinner.

You may use some other applications where it will automatically start liking the pictures of other Instagram users. If you do not like any picture, you can simply skip them.

Author Bio:  Stuart Johnson is a well known Social Media expert. In this article, he is discussing several ways in which you can easily increase the Instagram likes.

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