Looking for a Tablet? Check Out the Top 3 Here

If you’re in the market for a tablet, the good news is, there’s never been a better time to buy. With so many different functions and features, and with prices to suit everyone’s budget, tablets can even replace your laptop if you’re tired of carrying it to work and back.

As long as you have the right security settings and parental controls installed, they can even double up as a playtime pal for the kids, as some of these awesomely powerful slim line products are now even completely waterproof; perfect for little sticky hands and accidents. 1Bid1 is a great place to get deals on tablets, or to even just start your search, but to save time, check out the top three tablets on the market today here:

  1.  Apple iPad Pro 9.7

If you’re an Apple fan, then you probably won’t consider buying anything else and lucky for you, with the iPad Pro 9.7, you won’t have to. It has a smaller screen and comes packed with more inner power than its previous versions, which means that, unlike some of the other great tablets on the market, the iPad Pro is more portable, yet still gives you the keyboard and pen support vital if you plan on using it for work.

If you’re going to share with your kids, then you’ll get all the awesome apps you’ve come to love from the Apple Store, plus amazing speakers to listen to music videos and watch cartoons, as well as a screen that’s perfect for creating drawings. It also has a great display that adjusts according to lighting, which means it’s perfect for using outdoors. Find this winning tablet for sale online at the best bidding site.

  1. Google Pixel C

Widely reviewed as the best Android tablet on the market, the Google Pixel C is also another great alternative for those of you who need to work on the run, as the keyboard is a great accessory for this tablet. It’s got an amazing screen, packs plenty of power and has a stunning design.

What’s the downside? Well, there isn’t one really, it’s just a question of tastes as to whether your vote goes to Android or Apple iOS. For the Pixel C or any other tablet for sale check out 1Bid1.com, the best bidding site online.

  1. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

You may be wondering why Samsung didn’t make this list, and it almost did, except that the new Sony Xperia Z4 comes with something that none of the other tablets here do: it’s waterproof, making it child-proof and giving it a longer lifespan.

That’s not the only feature of this fast, light, modern tablet, though. Like the others, you can convert it into a work tool, but this really is a winner if it’s a present for the kids, as you can link it up directly to the Playstation and game from wherever you feel like.

Tablets are awesome devices these days to be used by all the family. They can be used as a substitute for your camera (or phone camera, as you probably only use anyway), for work, and for play. So instead of getting a second laptop, check out tablets to save you money and bring you more features.

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