The 4 Commandments of Effective Web Design

The 4 Commandments of Effective Web Design

Designing a web page in Cheltenham whose influence reaches around the world requires attention to detail. Fortunately there are a few key requirements for modern web pages that help Cheltenham businesses achieve their digital aims. Take a look at these key elements of web design and website function that help your brand stand out online.

1. Focus on Responsive Design

All the professionals in Web design Cheltenham offers will say the same thing – you have to design your sites to be accessible on mobile devices as well as the traditional desktop computer. Many more people access web content on their smartphones than they do on a desktop. When your site is designed to be equally as accessible on a mobile as a PC you increase your Google ranking and you also give your users a better experience – which will keep them coming back. Responsive web design means that a site recognises what type of device is opening it and presents the pages in a way that function correctly for that type of device.

2. Keep Your Images Small

You need images for your site but large images make a site load more slowly, which turns people away. Resize images before you put them on the website. Uploading straight from a phone or camera may make the image physically smaller on screen but the file size will still be large, and will affect loading time. You can also use lower quality images as background to cut file sizes while still offering attractive layouts.

3. Make It Easy to Share

Many of the professionals in Graphic Design Cheltenham showcases tell you that the easier you make your content shareable, the bigger the benefits in sales and SEO. First your content must be sufficiently interesting and relevant to be shareable, and then you can integrate sharing buttons into the website that allow people to easily post your content to their news feeds. You may not automatically improve your page ranking but you will get free publicity and bring your brand to a wider audience.

4. Increase Usability

Whatever changes you make to your Cheltenham website to make it more SEO-friendly, never do so at the expense of usability. Your users are not robots and making a site that functions only for SEO purposes will turn them away (and will also probably result in a de-ranking from Google.) Create quality content, design a site for real people, and make it easy to navigate for best results. You can test your website for its usability so you can instantly see how people are using the site and how quickly they leave or how long they stay.

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