Producing Moving Images Can Be An Incredibly Rewarding Career

In the digital age, artists have more opportunities than ever before. In fact, you can hardly call a person a “starving artist” in the modern age given that there is a constant and ever-increasing demand for stock photos, graphics and content of the highest quality, and the demand for these things has skyrocketed if only to remain on par with daily web traffic. If you happen to be a visual artist, now is an excellent time to think about producing moving images as a career, an endeavor that is both challenging and rewarding.

This is an incredible challenge given that it requires you to learn all that you can about the technologies that are being used to create moving images. CGI or computer-generated images are used in the production of videos and photos and require the understanding and use of several forms of software. The vast range of visual products requires you to know at least a handful of these technologies due to the fact that CGI involves the creation of 2D and 3D images, that are dynamic or static and that can be converted into video games, print media, advertisements, movies, simulators and much more.

Because of the incredible volume of content and images that are floating around the web, the need for originality and creativity can never be over-stressed. For artists, this creates a challenge that is both difficult and worthwhile. Being recognized by your peers, producing something that goes viral and is highly regarded, coming up with a piece that is truly thought-provoking within a veritable sea of content is a feat all by itself, but it is something that every real artist would gladly take on. CGI gives programmers and artists alike a brand new medium. Just like you will need training to work with watercolors or oils, you will also need to be very precise when rendering CGI. This can actually be twice as hard as well, given that it is not longer sufficient to simply create images that are clear and sharp – this is something that a smartphone can do. The time and attention that goes into planning and producing a stellar image entails a lot of innovation, talent and creativity. Moreover, new technologies are being invented all the time and this means that as a CGI developer, you won’t have the ability to remain static, but will have to stay on par with new developments so that you maintain your edge.

The digital age is making both photography and general content creation ever more complex, but this industry is very intellectually and financially rewarding. If you’re someone who loves being innovative and creative, then this is certainly a great career choice for you.

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