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The React.JS is a type of library tool which is used to create expansive and wider user interfaces with the help of data which is dynamic and comprehensive in nature. The most celebrated examples of a React.JS is Facebook and Instagram. It is a JavaScript library tool which is used for creating the user interfaces. The experience of the users defines the success of the online property and professionals who are related to the React.JS credentials for the companies which have start ups and skills all over the globe. The react js certification is a type of comprehensive online programme which provides the best coaching and training through lectures and conferences for learning the basics.

Services Offered Under The Course

Following are the services offered to the clients under this course;-

  • Mastery of React.js best practices
  • Proficiency in Flux architecture to compose an application
  • How to ensure maintenance of application state in a Redux Store
  • Module Bundling using Web pack
  • Knowledge of React Dev Tools
  • Command over React.js fundamentals, solutions and applications architecture
  • Fluency in React.js components & JSX
  • Technical ability to create working applications using React.js’s components

Contents of the course

The react js certification in Boston contains the following topics in the course:-

  • The online lectures include valuable and precious lessons on the enhanced object literals and the comprehensions.
  • The next step of the list of the contents includes teaching the students about the building of UIs with React.JS. It is the next basic step in the course agenda.
  • this segment includes various lessons and online exercises on the topics such as :-
    • models
    • components,
    • react links,
    • forms,
    • best practices
    • UI aspects like animations and performance helpers
    • aspects of Flux and Redux architecture


  • basics to architectural components like reducers and dispatchers


  • The training session will next include the topic relating to the contents of Web Pack and all the other important topics such as module building and bundling, configuration of the automatic browsers and refreshing and loading the hot components.
  • The course is available at a much lower cost to the customers. It is cost effectiveness and saves time as well.


Some of the main objectives of the course are as follows:-


  • there is a Complete know how of React.js and all its components and characteristics
  • they teach Fluency in Flux architecture and JSX
  • Building Familiarity with building user interfaces and web applications using React.js.
  • Online live interactive sessions with an experienced trainer
  • Hands on practice sessions and lectures under the mentorship of industry experts
  • Comprehensive project work with guidance from expert faculty, reviewed and rated by industry experts
  • Live sessions and recordings are easily accessible from home
  • Instructor Led Online Classes
  • Learn by doing.
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access
  • Arrow functions
  • Enhanced Object Literals
  • Restructuring
  • Spread Operator
  • Generators and Integrators
  • Symbols
  • Comprehensions
  • Sync Programming using Promises
  • Using Babel.js
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