The Pros and Cons of Green Web Hosting


It is not a secret that technology development has put our environment in danger. Let’s put web hosting as the example. To make sure all the websites can run properly, the web servers have to run nonstop, and the amount of electricity used to power them is definitely enormous.

To solve this problem, green web hosting comes in prominence nowadays. This type of web hosting uses less energy which in result, will not put too much burden to our environment. However, there are some restrictions with the service due to the less amount of energy used. So, if you want to use this service, you need to make sure you find the best green web hosting company so that the restrictions will not affect your website negatively. Now, if you are interested to put this service a try, let’s find out about the pros and cons first.

The Pros

The best thing about green web hosting is of course the fact that it uses less energy compared to conventional web hosting service. Not only it will prevent harm to our environment, it will also make the web hosting service cheaper. One factor that makes web hosting becomes so expensive is actually the cost of electricity used to keep the server running. Since less energy is used in green web hosting, the price of service you have to pay also will be reduced.

Furthermore, using green web hosting also can give more credibility for your website, especially if you are running a website related to environmental issue. People will put more attention to your website since you are bringing a good cause. It is hard to put your website on the map with the current competition, but if you put such an important issue forward, people will pay attention to you.

Moreover, when people see that you can run a website well using an environmentally friendly web hosting service, more people will follow your step. When there are more people aware that a green web hosting service exists and it can bring so many benefits, green web hosting will become more popular and more people will use it. It might be simple, but it is a good way to save our environment and prevent it from being harmed even more.

The Cons

The main downside of green web hosting is the fact that there aren’t many companies that are ready to offer this service. It means, the number of green web hosting company you can choose is limited. Since the competition is not as fierce as in the conventional web hosting market, you need to be really careful with the green web hosting provider you choose.

Make sure that the service is just as good as conventional web hosting. Because putting the eco-friendly aspect aside, you definitely don’t want to deal with an unreliable web hosting service. Check the features and make sure the energy consumption aspect will not give you trouble in the future.

In addition, don’t forget to check the green certification of the company. This is important because every company can easily claim that their service is environmentally friendly without giving you the real green features.

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