Powerful, Rich Featured, White Label Reseller Hosting at Best Price

Having a powerful website becomes more and more relevant to many institutions especially business organization. It creates a very promising prospect for web developing and web hosting businesses. I believe many web developers get more projects as their customer base expanding. With such a promising business, don’t you think to expand your web development business?

Well, you must be thinking how can you expand your web development business? You don’t need to look at different field. As you are developing a website for clients, you are not only designing the website and its visual looks. You also need to find or at least recommend a web hosting to the website owners. The right hosting is needed to allow the website run optimally. As every website needs hosting, it’s not a rocket science there’s a prospect in it. Not only offering web development service, you can also offer web hosting service to your clients. That allows you to offer better solution to your client and also ready to reach even wider market.

You must be thinking that web hosting service isn’t for small entrepreneurs like you. Web hosting business means you need to build an infrastructure of servers and data system with its system, and that will cost a fortune, something you definitely not have. Well, don’t make lack of capital a reason for your business to stuck in present scale. Even without your own servers and data centers, you can still be able to compete in web hosting business. The answer is reseller hosting. It is a system allowing small businesses or independent entrepreneurs to become a reseller of a bigger and more established web hosting company. You can offer hosting service under your own brand with supports from the web hosting company.

Reseller hosting is already a common practice in web hosting industry. Many leading web hosting companies are offering this system to expand their market. However, you need to carefully choose reseller hosting plans from the right provider. Don’t forget, you’re the one who will deal with the end user. This is the reason why GreenGeeks reseller hosting the one to choose. GreenGeeks is a leading web hosting provider known for its high quality services and competitive price. It also offers reseller hosting plans that really focused on reseller business. One of the best reason is this company offering scalable reseller hosting. It gives huge benefits when your hosting clients are planning to scale up in the future.

GreenGeeks offers the hosting with full of web hosting features. It is including free website builder to easily build a powerful website without any hassle. Tons of addons and tools are available to optimize the website. It also offers free migration services allowing you to easily migrate your clients’ website from other hosting to GreenGeeks. Best of all, it is the 100% white label hosting platform. It means you can use your own brand on the control panel, naming the private servers, and only use your own company name without any mention of GreenGeeks. It will strengthen your brand to make it even more powerful.

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