Three Simple Steps to Make a Website


In this globalization era, Internet has become one of the most popular ways to get or share some information around the globe. Through Internet, space and time is no longer become boundaries. You can easily get and share some information anywhere and anytime. In this era, there are many application of internet that can be used in your daily activity. It can be used as a social media, browser, and also market. You can easily communicate with your friends from other parts of the world. You can also promote your company and sell your product through Internet. Website is one of the best ways to be part of the internet. Basically, Website is a location connected to the internet that consists of some web pages and published in a web server or platform. Website can be identified by the domain name or home page address. There are some functions and types of website such as business website, personal website and blog. In order to get a website, you need to make it. Some people say that make a website is a difficult job and it can be done only by IT experts. Is it true? It is not necessarily to be like that. In fact, you can make your own website easily. We are going to discuss about some simple steps that can be followed to make a website.

Choose a Website Platform

In early internet development, when you wanted to get your own website, you needed to make it by using a lot of coding and design skills. It was a complicated way and it took a lot of time and effort to get your own website. However, nowadays, you don’t have to face that problems because you can use a website platform to get your own website. Website platform is a place or site in the internet that can be used to make a website. So it sounds like website builder. You need to choose a website platform. There are some platform that can be used such as WorldPress, Drupal and Joomla. For beginner, WorldPress is recommended because it is simple and easy to access.

Find a Domain Name and host

After you choose a website platform, the next step is to find your own domain name and host. Domain name is a name that is given to your website. It is also functioned as the website address. Host is a service that connects your website to the internet.  Unlike website platform that is free, for domain name and host, you need to pay some money. For WorldPress, it will cost around $3-$5 each month for domain name and host. They are cheap. However, the cost will be different in each platform.

Setup, Design and Tweak

After you find your domain name and host, you can start to set up, design and tweak your own website. When you set up and designed your website, there are some themes and template that can be used for a beginner. Some themes are free but there also some themes will cost you some money.

Those are three simple steps that can be used to get your own website. Those steps are specially designed for beginners. Hopefully, this information can be a good reference and help you make a website.

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