Reliable WordPress Hosting Services with High Quality Support

Do you consider yourself a WordPress blogger? If you do, then you certainly know how important it is to work with the most reliable WordPress hosting. Particular hosting service for WordPress should deliver the required performances and reliability. Bad hosting affects the visitors’ experiences and the overall performance of the website. In that case, we may have just the right choice for it. There is this high quality WordPress hosting which offers reliable services with high performances that suit the need. There are at least various benefits offered by this service which includes free WordPress migration, unlimited data transfer and web space, free domain name transfer or registration, free enhanced security, wordpress optimized servers, 99.9% service uptime, US based support and money back guarantee in 30 day.

When you choose this hosting service, you are able to choose where the site is hosted. What you can do is by selecting the location where the hosting account provisioned. This hosting service has many data centers in different cities including in Amsterdam, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and Phoenix. They offer multiple benefits that include eco friendly technologies, security, speed and scaling.

Scalable Computing Services

This service offers scalable hosting platform to keep your hosting account which enables seamless computing resource upgrades every time you need them. These upgrades are important and useful to eliminate need for higher cost upgrades to VPS or Virtual Private Servers. At the same time, it also avoids you from any complexities including maintenance, server security and other management responsibilities. When choosing this service, there are many other benefits to enjoy such as security, server maintenance, expert technical support, backups and ability for resources upgrades. Now, it’s the time for you to leave the expensive VPS upgrades.

Exhilarating Speed

At the same time, you will also experience latest speed technology to enjoy blazing fast page loads. This is possible to happen due to some supports such as SSD Hard Drives which become the fastest hardware. Thanks to these hard drives, that the databases and website files are stored on solid state drives that are configured in particular Raid 10 storage array. Other supports include Fastest DB and Web Servers that allow ultra optimized database and web servers. As a result, the website will always provide blazing fast data write/read and 50 times faster of serving pages. There is also PowerCacher which allows fastest app load times thanks to the use of customized in-house caching technology. This way, you can reliably and efficiently use favorite applications.

Enhanced Reliability and Security

Once you start using this hosting service, you can always be confident as the website is online and secure. The hosting account isolation is provided with the support of container based approach. This allows the account to be provisioned with its own secured virtual file system and dedicated computing resources. The Linux Secure vFS is another support with allows for secured virtualized File System. This way, it prevents accounts on the platform to access or see other accounts. It is an important part of protection against malicious activity.

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