6 steps to landing your first web dev job

Even at times when the rest of the economy seems to be stagnant, there is still growth in IT and digital industries, making them sensible and appealing targets for young people who are starting their careers as well as those looking for a fresh start.

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For those with a creative flair, web development is an especially solid option. Even the smallest businesses now need a web presence in order to thrive. It isn’t always clear how to get into an industry without experience, though, so here are six tips to help you on your way.

Develop a Web Presence

When you are looking for a career in web development, the first thing a prospective employer will do is Google you, and they better find something more than a social media account. You are looking for a job developing websites, so start by building yourself a site.

Show a Strong Portfolio

Web design and development is at least as artistic as it is technical. Like any other creative career, you need to be able to show off your talents. In order to get interviews with web design and development services in London like Redsnapper, you need to fill your website with examples of what you can do.

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Get Out in the Industry

You may not have a job at an agency, but freelance work is still out there, and you are in a perfect position to compete for it. Freelance work gives you some money, demonstrates your ability to work with real clients, and gives you some real sites to fill your portfolio with, rather than just samples.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge of Best Practices

You can help get your foot in the door by showing that you have some knowledge of industry best practices, such as by using public version control tools like GitHub, which is one of the top version control tools in the industry.

Contribute to Open Source Projects

Even if you don’t have paid work in field, you can find open-source projects to contribute to, demonstrating that you can work in a real-world environment.

Work With a Team

Most freelance projects you will take on will be one-person jobs, so to prove to employers that you can work in a team of coders, participate in local Hackathons.

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