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Network Security in Seattle

Having an effective network security for your business is very important. With a network security system, every sensitive information of your company including files, passwords and other personal information are secured and well protected from unauthorized access. This is one of the reasons why most big companies and small businesses including banks, offices and other […]

How To Stop Mac Applications With Activity Monitor

In Mac OS X, if you want to close a running program, you just need to press Command + Q in the active window. Then that window will be closed immediately. However, if something happens to that application and it does not respond to the Command + Q shortcut, you cannot stop the program. In […]

How To Fix DNS Problems On Your Computer

Domain name system (DNS) is very important on the internet as it will match domain names that are requested by users to the right IP addresses. DNS could be your friend, but it also could be your enemy. DNS errors might stop you from being able to use the internet. When a DNS problem appears, […]

Reasons to recycle your old computer

Maybe your computer no longer works or is much slower than it used to be, which can be infuriating, so you would like to upgrade to a newer, faster model. But remember that even if you no longer want your computer or laptop don’t simply throw it away. Instead, you should recycle your old computer, […]

Find the Best Deal for Your Computer Parts

Nowadays, there are many kinds of inventions that we can find in our life. Those kinds of inventions can be used for supporting our daily life. We can also use the inventions to help us doing any kinds of activities in our daily life. There are many kinds of inventions that we can see and […]