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Content Marketing is consumer-centric marketing where the core of the strategy lies in attracting the potential consumers by the means of content. Content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Consumers want to know why a product or service is good for them before paying up for it and all you need to do is […]

Benefits of using outdoor advertising tactic

The product based companies should use the best marketing strategies for reaching their targeted audiences. The same is applicable to the service based company and mostly suits with all kinds of business. That’s why the established companies always do a lot of research before launching their new service or product to their consumers. If the […]

Canada’s unemployment rate surprising remains steady despite huge influx of new jobs

Canada, much like the United States, has seen large problems with unemployment since the 2008 financial crisis struck. Much like in the United States, after 2008, Canada saw the collapse of their housing market and a depression of their auto market. The result was job creators had to lay off workers, and Canadians, much like […]

Proper Content Marketing

Today content has become a major marketing arena. There are a lot of specialist agencies which produce branded content and big media outlets which offer native advertising. Now many people say that content marketing has jumped the shark already, but on the other hand, another half of the people argues that fact because content marketing […]