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Are You Ready for a TV the Size of Wall?

With all the hype around the huge screen TVs that almost cover up a big wall, everyone seems quite excited about the idea. But are we ready for such a humungous screen? According to answers TVs like Sharp’s 90-inch or Samsung’s UHDTV110 (it has 110 inches!) received from the market, we are completely prepared to […]

Alternative things that you can use your TV for

The world as we know it changed with the invention of the TV. We could watch things happening far away on the other side of the planet while sitting in our living rooms. We switched from listening to a radio commentary to watching the match live on TV. With the endless number of TV networks […]

The Ground Rules for Professional Behavior on Social Media

  Social media has its own set of rules. Unfortunately, in many cases those rules are very loose. Or they may be regularly broken and with impunity. As a business owner, you need to rise above the fray, by presenting a consistently professional image with the behavior to go with it. We’ll inspect those rules […]

The Use Case of new Bulk voice SMS

In today’s world, thanks to the technology, everything is well connected with the help of mobile phone. World has come much closer with the help of this advanced technology. With the help of the technology one can send SMS to anyone in the world in very less time and can convey the message. However there […]

Right Hands To Handle Your Auto

Good mechanics are any auto best friends. Isn’t it the owner? Since not every auto owners knows how to fix the brakes and suspension system or the air conditioning that does not work well, it is apparently not. Any auto that is not working so well will call for a good mechanic. But, if auto […]