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Tools To Locate IP Addresses And Domain Names

If not all, then mostly people ever heard about IP addresses and domain names, even though they barely know about the definition or the concept of the two. However, don’t you know that using either domain name or IP address you can figure out someone’s location? You need only to out certain IP address or […]

How To Fix DNS Problems On Your Computer

Domain name system (DNS) is very important on the internet as it will match domain names that are requested by users to the right IP addresses. DNS could be your friend, but it also could be your enemy. DNS errors might stop you from being able to use the internet. When a DNS problem appears, […]

IP Camera for Better Security over Your House

Many people realize that safety in their house is something that they have to underline. That is because more and more burglars are taking many things from many houses and this is something that will be troublesome for many people. If you are thinking about placing some security cameras in your house, then you might […]

The Difference between Unique IPs and Shared IPs

An IP address is defined as a set of numbers that identifies each computer that is using the IP, or Internet Protocol, to communicate over a network. Depending on whether you have a unique IP address or a shared IP address, that network could be private or public. IP addresses are a way to separate […]