Three Simple Steps to Make a Website


In this globalization era, Internet has become one of the most popular ways to get or share some information around the globe. Through Internet, space and time is no longer become boundaries. You can easily get and share some information anywhere and anytime. In this era, there are many application of internet that can be used in your daily activity. It can be used as a social media, browser, and also market. You can easily communicate with your friends from other parts of the world. You can also promote your company and sell your product through Internet. Website is one of the best ways to be part of the internet. Basically, Website is a location connected to the internet that consists of some web pages and published in a web server or platform. Website can be identified by the domain name or home page address. There are some functions and types of website such as business website, personal website and blog. In order to get a website, you need to make it. Some people say that make a website is a difficult job and it can be done only by IT experts. Is it true? It is not necessarily to be like that. In fact, you can make your own website easily. We are going to discuss about some simple steps that can be followed to make a website.

Choose a Website Platform

In early internet development, when you wanted to get your own website, you needed to make it by using a lot of coding and design skills. It was a complicated way and it took a lot of time and effort to get your own website. However, nowadays, you don’t have to face that problems because you can use a website platform to get your own website. Website platform is a place or site in the internet that can be used to make a website. So it sounds like website builder. You need to choose a website platform. There are some platform that can be used such as WorldPress, Drupal and Joomla. For beginner, WorldPress is recommended because it is simple and easy to access.

Find a Domain Name and host

After you choose a website platform, the next step is to find your own domain name and host. Domain name is a name that is given to your website. It is also functioned as the website address. Host is a service that connects your website to the internet.  Unlike website platform that is free, for domain name and host, you need to pay some money. For WorldPress, it will cost around $3-$5 each month for domain name and host. They are cheap. However, the cost will be different in each platform.

Setup, Design and Tweak

After you find your domain name and host, you can start to set up, design and tweak your own website. When you set up and designed your website, there are some themes and template that can be used for a beginner. Some themes are free but there also some themes will cost you some money.

Those are three simple steps that can be used to get your own website. Those steps are specially designed for beginners. Hopefully, this information can be a good reference and help you make a website.

Powerful, Rich Featured, White Label Reseller Hosting at Best Price

Having a powerful website becomes more and more relevant to many institutions especially business organization. It creates a very promising prospect for web developing and web hosting businesses. I believe many web developers get more projects as their customer base expanding. With such a promising business, don’t you think to expand your web development business?

Well, you must be thinking how can you expand your web development business? You don’t need to look at different field. As you are developing a website for clients, you are not only designing the website and its visual looks. You also need to find or at least recommend a web hosting to the website owners. The right hosting is needed to allow the website run optimally. As every website needs hosting, it’s not a rocket science there’s a prospect in it. Not only offering web development service, you can also offer web hosting service to your clients. That allows you to offer better solution to your client and also ready to reach even wider market.

You must be thinking that web hosting service isn’t for small entrepreneurs like you. Web hosting business means you need to build an infrastructure of servers and data system with its system, and that will cost a fortune, something you definitely not have. Well, don’t make lack of capital a reason for your business to stuck in present scale. Even without your own servers and data centers, you can still be able to compete in web hosting business. The answer is reseller hosting. It is a system allowing small businesses or independent entrepreneurs to become a reseller of a bigger and more established web hosting company. You can offer hosting service under your own brand with supports from the web hosting company.

Reseller hosting is already a common practice in web hosting industry. Many leading web hosting companies are offering this system to expand their market. However, you need to carefully choose reseller hosting plans from the right provider. Don’t forget, you’re the one who will deal with the end user. This is the reason why GreenGeeks reseller hosting the one to choose. GreenGeeks is a leading web hosting provider known for its high quality services and competitive price. It also offers reseller hosting plans that really focused on reseller business. One of the best reason is this company offering scalable reseller hosting. It gives huge benefits when your hosting clients are planning to scale up in the future.

GreenGeeks offers the hosting with full of web hosting features. It is including free website builder to easily build a powerful website without any hassle. Tons of addons and tools are available to optimize the website. It also offers free migration services allowing you to easily migrate your clients’ website from other hosting to GreenGeeks. Best of all, it is the 100% white label hosting platform. It means you can use your own brand on the control panel, naming the private servers, and only use your own company name without any mention of GreenGeeks. It will strengthen your brand to make it even more powerful.

The Pros and Cons of Green Web Hosting


It is not a secret that technology development has put our environment in danger. Let’s put web hosting as the example. To make sure all the websites can run properly, the web servers have to run nonstop, and the amount of electricity used to power them is definitely enormous.

To solve this problem, green web hosting comes in prominence nowadays. This type of web hosting uses less energy which in result, will not put too much burden to our environment. However, there are some restrictions with the service due to the less amount of energy used. So, if you want to use this service, you need to make sure you find the best green web hosting company so that the restrictions will not affect your website negatively. Now, if you are interested to put this service a try, let’s find out about the pros and cons first.

The Pros

The best thing about green web hosting is of course the fact that it uses less energy compared to conventional web hosting service. Not only it will prevent harm to our environment, it will also make the web hosting service cheaper. One factor that makes web hosting becomes so expensive is actually the cost of electricity used to keep the server running. Since less energy is used in green web hosting, the price of service you have to pay also will be reduced.

Furthermore, using green web hosting also can give more credibility for your website, especially if you are running a website related to environmental issue. People will put more attention to your website since you are bringing a good cause. It is hard to put your website on the map with the current competition, but if you put such an important issue forward, people will pay attention to you.

Moreover, when people see that you can run a website well using an environmentally friendly web hosting service, more people will follow your step. When there are more people aware that a green web hosting service exists and it can bring so many benefits, green web hosting will become more popular and more people will use it. It might be simple, but it is a good way to save our environment and prevent it from being harmed even more.

The Cons

The main downside of green web hosting is the fact that there aren’t many companies that are ready to offer this service. It means, the number of green web hosting company you can choose is limited. Since the competition is not as fierce as in the conventional web hosting market, you need to be really careful with the green web hosting provider you choose.

Make sure that the service is just as good as conventional web hosting. Because putting the eco-friendly aspect aside, you definitely don’t want to deal with an unreliable web hosting service. Check the features and make sure the energy consumption aspect will not give you trouble in the future.

In addition, don’t forget to check the green certification of the company. This is important because every company can easily claim that their service is environmentally friendly without giving you the real green features.

Highly Reliable Green Hosting for Your Website


You’re too naïve thinking that global climate change is nothing but a propaganda. The scientific community has been advocating that we are in the blink of environment disaster. It is important to take part in saving the environment. Energy is undeniably one big culprit of climate change. We are so greedy to use energy and unfortunately, the energy we use mostly generated using fossil fuel and it leaves huge carbon footprint, one big reason why climate change is happening. It is time to take the initiative and gives more to the environment.

As mentioned above, the energy sources cause bad impact to the environment. Don’t hesitate to take a radical move by turning to environmental friendly energy generated from sustainable resources. Not only for your home energy supply but for many aspects of your life and yes, that’s including the web hosting solution. It won’t be difficult to see that for web hosting, energy is crucial and actually those servers and data centers are using a lot of energy. You will be surprised to find out how many carbon footprints your website left just from the energy used in hosting. It must be changed for the sake of environmental sustainability and also for your peace of mind.

It’s time to go green and that is including choosing green hosting. What is green hosting? It is a lose term to describe web hosting provider with commitment to environmental sustainability. Practically, this type of web hosting provider uses energy from renewable energy sources. More than that, the hosting provider is also committed to minimize carbon footprints. One of the leading green hosting provider is GreenGeeks. Established in 2008 in Los Angeles, this company is proud to become an environmentally responsible web hosting provider since the very beginning. This company is able to prove that energy consuming industry like web hosting can be green too.

What makes GreenGeeks the leader in green hosting industry? This company guarantees to give you the cleanest hosting around. It is focusing on wind energy source and more than just able to cover entire energy supplies from wind, this company is able to putt back three times of energy spent into the grid. That means three times greener than what other green web hosting providers can do. With the increasing trend of green lifestyle and the facts there are incentives for business entities to use renewable energy, GreenGreeks with its green hosting seems like an ideal option.

But GreenGeeks is more than just offering peace of mind for taking part in environmental sustainability. It is also a very capable web hosting provider. It offers hosting package with superior technical specs and many features. Using this hosting you can get unlimited space with free domain and free email. It also offers free marketing features for websites using its hosting. You can choose from varieties of hosting plans suitable for your needs and budget. With 30 days moneyback guarantee. GreenGeeks also guarantees 24/7 technical supports to all hosted websites. It’s more than just green!

Practical Machine Learning and R Course

Machine learning basically falls under the branch Computer Science; it deals with machines ability to learn without interfering too much. Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence which when fed data, can give you result from data by doing analysis on it by patterns algorithms and computational theory of learning. This kind of programming is done with the help of static program instructions which are based on data-driven analogies or decisions, by analyzing the sample inputs and creating a model based on it.

Machine learning using R Course is implemented in the vast majority of a computing task, which are humanly impossible or too difficult to handle. For explaining a simple usage, let us consider spam filtering: with the help of spam filtering are able to detect the network intruders and malicious malware which may be intended for harmful reasons. Spam filtering understands with a certain spam patterns and then avoids the same patterns in the future scenarios, which clarifies that the process of machine learning is also about adaptability with the help of which it can make its own decision. Machine learning also enables on less human control and effort as is implements the necessary changes to minimize the process to reach the result. Machine learning is also implemented in search engines, Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) and computer-based vision.

Machine learning using R Course in Seattle is also sometimes misunderstood or compared with computational statistics, which also deals with generating predictions. Also, machine learning can only be tamed by logically sound mathematicians who provide the methods, application, and theories for implementation. The commercial term for machine learning would be predictive analytics which is used in data analytics to solve complex problems and algorithms.


Types of learning:

1>     Reinforced learning: In this type of learning the machine interacts with a Dynamic scenario in which it has to react at the end of it resulting in a reward or punishment based on the response. For example an opponent in a card game.

2>     Supervised learning: This type of learning is based on given sample inputs and outputs, for which machine has to map out the general rule of its formation.

3>     unsupervised learning: No restriction based learning, in which an algorithm with no scenarios or understanding is provided to reach an end result to discover any hidden data patterns throughout.


R is an open source programming language which helps in statistical computing, with the help of a graphic based interface. It is well-known language in the statistician community and well praised by data miners as well for its contribution in developing statistical software and data analysis. R is a GNU (General Public license) based package, Software Environment of R is developed in C, FORTRAN, and R. while it has a command-line console to interact with the developer it also provides a Graphical Front-end much easier to use. R uses various techniques some of which are linear and non-linear modeling, clustering, classification, time-series analysis, classical statistical test and much more.